25 Days of Christmas

Grand Market popularly referred to as “Gran’ Market” is one of the most anticipated events of the Christmas season.  It is held in all major towns across Jamaica on Christmas Eve.

Gran’ Market is usually a colourful and energetic affair that provides the opportunity for shoppers to make last minute purchases or secure unique items that had not been available all year round.

Gran’ Market activities last all day on Christmas Eve, but by 6:00 p.m. the number of shoppers increases exponentially.  To facilitate the multitude of shoppers, vending rules are relaxed to accommodate vendors along the sidewalks.

Items on sale, in stores and along the sidewalks, usually include Christmas decorations, clothing, food, toys, household products, etc.

Entertainment in the form of sound systems can be heard throughout the shopping centres, supporting street dances that continue into Christmas Day.  And, for the children, there might be the bounce-about and an occasional Santa Claus impersonator.

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