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Members of Parliament of Jamaica


Members of the Houses of Parliament

The House of Representatives may consist of 63 members.

The Government in power can only exist if it has the support of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives.

The remaining members of the House make up the Opposition.

In practice, most Bills are initiated in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has control over the Government’s finances, meaning funds cannot be granted nor taxation levied without the approval of the House.

Also, Parliament must be dissolved and a general election held, if a majority of all the members of the House of Representatives supports a no-confidence motion against the Government.


Government Members

Holness, Andrew, ON, PC St. Andrew West Central
Chang, Horace, CD St. James North Western
Bartlett, Edmund, CD St. James East Central
Brown, David Hume Hanover Eastern
Charles, Michelle St. Thomas Eastern
Charles Jr., Pearnel Clarendon South Eastern
Chin, Robert Manchester Southern
Chuck, Delroy, QC St. Andrew North Eastern
Clarke, Heroy St. James Central
Clarke, Dr. Nigel St. Andrew North Western
Crawford, Rhoda Moy Manchester Central
Cuthbert Flynn, Juliet St. Andrew West Rural
Davis, Homer St. James Southern
Davis, Tamika Hanover Western
Dunn, Norman St. Mary South Eastern
Grange, Olivia, OJ, CD St. Catherine Central
Green, Floyd St. Elizabeth South Western
Hamilton, Tova Trelawny Northern
Henry, Lester Michael, OJ Clarendon Central
Henriques, Phillip Clarendon North Western
Holness, Juliet St. Andrew East Rural
Hutchinson, JC St. Elizabeth North Western
Lawrence, Daniel Westmoreland Eastern
Lee, Krystal St. Ann North Western
Malahoo Forte, Marlene, QC St. James West Central
Mayne, Zavia St. Ann South Western
McKenzie, Desmond, CD Kingston Western
Miller, Robert St. Catherine South Eastern
Montague, Robert St. Mary Western
Morgan, Robert Nesta Clarendon North Central
Morrison, Kerensia St. Catherine North Eastern
Philibert-Dalrymple, Marisa Trelawny Southern
Robertson, James St. Thomas Western
Samuda, Karl, CD St. Andrew North Central
Shaw, Audley, CD Manchester North Eastern
Sibblies, Dwight Clarendon Northern
Sloley, Delroy St. Elizabeth North Eastern
Smith, Marsha St. Ann North Eastern
Terrelonge, Alando St. Catherine East Central
Tufton, Dr. Christopher St. Catherine West Central
Vaz, Ann-Marie Portland Eastern
Vaz, Daryl Portland Western
Warmington, Everald St. Catherine South Western
Wheatley, Andrew St. Catherine South Central
Williams, Donovan Kingston Central
Williams, Fayval St. Andrew Eastern
Wilson, Morland Westmoreland Western
Witter, Franklin St. Elizabeth South Eastern
Wright, George Westmoreland Central


  1. The Prime Minister must be addressed as – The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, PC, MP
  2. The Speaker, the Attorney General and all Ministers must be addressed with the title – Honourable



Brown-Burke, Dr. Angela St. Andrew South Western
Cousins, Lothian Clarendon South Western
Daley, Denise St. Catherine Eastern
Golding, Mark St. Andrew Southern
Graham, Hugh St. Catherine North Western
Guy, Dr. Morais St. Mary Central
Hanna, Lisa St. Ann South Eastern
Hylton, Anthony St. Andrew Western
Jackson, Fitz, CD St. Catherine Southern
Neita, Natalie St. Catherine North Central
Paulwell, Phillip, CD Kingston East and Port Royal
Phillips, Mikael Manchester North Western
Phillips, Peter St. Andrew East Central
Robinson, Julian St. Andrew South Eastern
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