The 18-member Cabinet, four State Ministers and Attorney General led by Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness (centre), was sworn in at King’s House on Monday, March 7, 2016.

The House of Representatives may consist of 63 members.

The Government in power can only exist if it has the support of the majority of the members of the House of Representatives.

The remaining members of the House make up the Opposition.

In practice, most Bills are initiated in the House of Representatives. The House of Representatives has control over the Government’s finances, meaning funds cannot be granted nor taxation levied without the approval of the House.

Also, Parliament must be dissolved and a general election held, if a majority of all the members of the House of Representatives supports a no-confidence motion against the Government.


Government Members

Name Constituency
The Most Hon. Andrew Michael Holness, ON St. Andrew West Central
Hon. Edmund Curtis Bartlett, CD St. James East Central
Dave Hume Brown Hanover Eastern
Leslie Roy Campbell St. Catherine North Eastern
Hon. Dr. Horace Anthony Chang St. James North Western
Hon. Pearnel Patroe Charles, CD, JP Clarendon North Central
Hon. Delroy Hawmin Chuck St. Andrew North Eastern
Heroy Anthony Clarke St. James Central
Dr. The Hon. Nigel Clarke St. Andrew North Western
Juliet Samantha Cuthbert Flynn St. Andrew West Rural
Marisa Colleen Dalrymple‐Philibert Trelawny Southern
Dr. Norman Dunn St. Mary South Eastern
Hon. Olivia Atavia Grange, CD St. Catherine Central
Hon. Floyd O’Brian Green St. Elizabeth South Western
Hon. Lester Michael Henry, CD Clarendon Central
Juliet Ann Marie Holness St. Andrew East Rural
Hon. William James Charles Hutchinson, CD St. Elizabeth North Western
Hon. Marlene Patricia Malahoo Forte St. James West Central
Hon. Zavia Taze Mayne St. Ann South Western
Hon. Desmond Anthony Augustus McKenzie, CD Kingston Western
Hon. Robert St. Aubyn Montague St. Mary Western
James Rudolph Edward Robertson St. Thomas Western
Hon. Shahine Elizabeth Robinson St. Ann North Eastern
Hon. Karl George Samuda, CD St. Andrew North Central
Hon. Audley Fitz Albert Shaw, CD Manchester North Eastern
Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr. Clarendon South Eastern
Alando Nathaniel Terrelonge St. Catherine East Central
Hon. Christopher Charles Tufton St. Catherine West Central
Hon. Daryl Wesley Phillip Vaz Portland Western
Clifford Everald Errol Warmington St. Catherine South Western
Hon. Dr. Andrew O’Brien Wheatley St. Catherine South Central
Hon. Fayval Shirley Williams St. Andrew Eastern
Franklin Robert Witter St. Elizabeth South Eastern
Ann-Marie Vaz Portland Eastern


Opposition Members

Name Constituency
Peter David Phillips St. Andrew East Central
Noel George Delano Arscott Clarendon South Western
Richard Edward Azan Clarendon North Western
Dr. Angela Brown Burke St. Andrew South Western
Luther Bartley Monteith Buchanan Westmoreland Eastern
Peter Murcott Bunting Manchester Central
Dr. Dayton Ricardo Campbell St. Ann North Western
Joyce Denise Daley St. Catherine Eastern
Horace Washington Dalley, CD Clarendon Northern
Mr. Mark Golding St. Andrew Southern
Colin Alexander Alfred Fagan St. Catherine South Eastern
Dr. Fenton Rudyard Ignatius Ferguson, CD St. Thomas Eastern
Dr. Morais Valentine Guy St. Mary Central
Lisa Rene Shanti Hanna St. Ann South Eastern
Ian Dave Hayles Hanover Western
George Anthony Hylton St. Andrew Western
Fitz Arthur Jackson, CD St. Catherine Southern
Derrick Flavius Kellier St. James Southern
Dr. Kenneth Wykeham McNeil, CD Westmoreland Western
Natalie Gaye Neita St. Catherine North Central
Phillip Feanny Paulwell, CD Kingston Eastern & Port Royal
Mikael Asher Phillips Manchester North Western
Robert Dixon Pickersgill St. Catherine North Western
Evon Carl  Redman St. Elizabeth North Eastern
Julian Jay Robinson St. Andrew South Eastern
Michael Anthony Stewart Manchester Southern
Rev. Ronald George Thwaites Kingston Central
Dwayne Francois St. Michael Vaz Westmoreland Central
Victor Douglas Wright, Jnr Trelawny Northern
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