Hurricanes in Jamaica

Upcoming Storms for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

NameCategoryStorm direction/Path
AnaSubtropical StormAna had sustained winds of 45 mph and was located about 175 miles to the northeast of Bermuda on May 22nd.
BillTropical StormCentre location 40.5 N 62.0 W. Maximum sustained winds 60 mph. Movement NE at 38 mph
ClaudetteTropical StormClaudette had maximum sustained winds of 40 mph early Monday, the National Hurricane Center said in an advisory. The storm was located 90 miles south of Ocean City, Maryland, and moving east-northeast at 28 mph.

Hurricane Season Preparedness Tips

Trim trees

Trim trees that touch power lines or hang over the house and other buildings.

Store extra food

Store extra food, especially things that can be eaten without cooking or which need very little preparation. Electricity may be off during a hurricane, leaving you without refrigeration.

First-aid equipment

Have simple first-aid equipment such as iodine, bandages, eye lotion, etc. at home.


Stay in the Know

About Hurricanes

What are Hurricanes?

Hurricanes are violent warm-core tropical storms with a minimum wind speed of 119 km or (74 mph) rotating in a counter-clockwise spiral around a region of low pressure called the center of the eye.

Phases of development of a hurricane

A potential hurricane goes through four basic phases before it attains hurricane strength. These phases are: Tropical Disturbance, Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm and Hurricane.

How Hurricanes are Formed

Hurricanes develop over warm tropical waters. The energy necessary for its development comes from the warm ocean waters over which it passes. Through the process of evaporation energy stored in the ocean is lifted into the storm and then released during condensation.

Category Breakdown

Hurricanes are categorized on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale based on their intensity. The Scale starts at 1, which is a minimal hurricane and ends at 5, is a very strong hurricane.

Storms that have impacted Jamaica

NameYearCategory on ImpactStorm direction/Path
Hurricane CharlieAugust 17, 19513125 mph winds from the ESE with some gusts to 125mph winds
Hurricane AllenAugust 6, 19804130 mph to the north from the ESE and passed 37 miles to north
Hurricane Gilbert September 12,19883121 mph winds from the ESE with gusts to 147mph
Hurricane IvanSeptember 10-11, 20044155 mph winds moving approx 50 miles to the south from the ESE with a wind field approx. 85 miles out
Hurricane DeanAugust 19, 20074passed just south with 145mph winds from the ESE while moving west
Tropical Storm GustavAugust 28, 2008-maximum sustained winds of up to 110km/h (70mph)
Tropical Storm NicoleSeptember 29, 2010-
Hurricane SandyOctober 24, 20121hit from the south with 80mph winds while moving north

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