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Ananda Alerts

Ananda Alerts

Three-year-old Peyton Dean (left), touches the picture of her sister, Ananda Dean, who was abducted and killed in 2008. At right is her mother, Nardia Campbell. Occasion was the unveiling of the refreshed mural of Ananda on White Hall Avenue, Kingston 8, where she attended a primary school, on May 24. The ceremony was part of a sensitisation session on child protection with Whitehall Avenue community members by representatives of several government and child-protection agencies.

Contacting the Office of the Children’s Registry

To report child abuse or a missing child, contact the OCR at:

Toll Free: 1-888- PROTECT (776-8328) 
(876) 908-2132
(876) 618-5888
(876) 754-9133
(876) 631-8933
(876) 631-8908
(876) 822-7031
(876) 878-2882

Email: report@ocr.gov.jm | anandaalert@ocr.gov.jm

What is the Ananda Alert System?

The Ananda Alert is a nationwide system, designed to ensure speedy and safe recovery of a child in the unfortunate event that he/she is missing or abducted. The system came on stream in 2009. It involves mobilizing stakeholders to get the message of a missing child into the public domain the moment the matter is reported to the police.

The Ananda Alert System was named after Ananda Dean, a child who was abducted and subsequently murdered in 2008. The system is aimed at mobilizing public and private sectors, civil society and communities to work with law enforcement to assist in the speedy and safe recovery of missing children.

The Ananda Alert Secretariat was originally established in the Ministry of Local Government (now the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development). However, since March 01, 2013,  it was transferred to the Ministry of Youth and Culture (now the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information) and is being operated from the Office of the Children’s Registry (OCR), an agency of the Ministry. 

The OCR has forged alliances with the Constabulary Communication Network (CCN), media houses and government agencies in publicizing information on missing and recovered children.

Missing Children

A total of 1,512 children were reported missing in 2018, which is the lowest figure since the establishment of the Ananda Alert system in 2009.

Dantae Letoushe

HIGH ALERT ACTIVATED FOR MISSING CHILD Dantae Letoushe May 01, 2023- A High Alert has been activated for 12-year-old Dantae Letoushe of Pleasant View, 9 Miles, Bull Bay in St.

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