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Get the Facts is the programme that provides you with information on government’s policies and initiatives.

For TV broadcasts: catch us live every Sunday, during the Jamaica Magazine package, for a 15 minute interview on matters of national interest. The Radio Edition of Get the Facts comes to you live every Friday – with repeats on Saturdays.

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Road Accidents – Next Steps

In the event of an accident, the Road Safety Unit (RSU) of the Ministry of Transport and Mining, has provided a set of instructions for ... Read More

GOJ Support for Personal Safety

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) remains committed to reducing crime and protecting its citizens. Every Jamaican can employ a greater level of responsibility for their ... Read More

Family Matters – Paternity & Adoption Leave

Effective January 1, 2023, biological fathers of newborns, and newly adoptive parents, are now entitled to 20 working days’ paternity and adoption leave with pay. ... Read More

The Road Traffic Regulations – Traffic Signs

According to the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022, the main purposes of traffic signs are to regulate traffic, warn users of potential danger and to inform ... Read More

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