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Jamaican Heritage Sites


The Ward Theatre in Kingston.

Our Jamaican heritage is a patchwork of different cultures that have influenced the nation over several eras. The Jamaica National Heritage Trust has been entrusted with the task of ensuring that physical structures that attest to landmark events in our nations history are protected and available to this generation and those to come. Here is a selection of national heritage sites in Jamaica:

Heritage Sites by Parish


Heritage Sites & National Heroes

Blenheim (Hanover)

Gordon House (St. Andrew)

Roxborough (Manchester)

Moore Town (Portland)

32 Market Street (St. Ann)

Sam Sharpe Square (St. James)

Accompong (St. Elizabeth)



St. Peter’s Church (Clarendon)

Coke Methodist (Kingston)

St. Mark’s Anglican Church (Manchester)

St. George’s Anglican (Portland)

St. Andrew Parish Church (St. Andrew)

Our Lady of Perpetual Help (St. Ann)

Mount Nebo Baptist Church (St. Catherine)

Salter’s Hill Baptist (St. James)

Annotto Bay Baptist (St. Mary)

St. Thomas Parish Church (St. Thomas)

Falmouth Parish Church (Trelawny)

Savanna-la-mar Baptist Church (Westmoreland)



Northern Caribbean University (Manchester)

Jamaica College (St. Andrew)

Mico College (St. Andrew)

Munro College (St. Elizabeth)

Hampton School (St. Elizabeth)

Manning’s High School (Westmoreland)


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