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The New Road Traffic Regulations

The New Road Traffic Regulations

The Road Traffic Act 2018 and the Road Traffic Regulations, 2022 were implemented on February 1, 2023.

Regulations under the Road Traffic Act cover areas such as fitness, registration and licensing of motor vehicles; construction of and equipment for motor vehicles; licensing of drivers; certification of driving instructors and licensing of driving schools; traffic signs, speed limits and rules of the road.

Some of the offences for which heavy fines will be imposed include driving without the required motor vehicle insurance coverage ($20,000); driving a motor vehicle without being the holder of a permit or driver’s licence ($40,000); failure of a driver to obey the traffic light ($24,000); loud noise within silent zones and failure to wear a protective helmet ($5,000); failure to comply with traffic signs ($10,000); and failure to stop at a pedestrian crossing ($12,000).

The Road Traffic Act 2018
The Road Traffic Regulations, 2022

The Road Traffic Act 2018, which repealed and replaced the Road Traffic Act 1938, is the body of laws and stipulations that governs the usage of vehicles on the roads of Jamaica. In 2022, several regulations were added and amended in this act and are now in force as of February 2023. 


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Offences and Fines under the New Road Traffic Act

Each offence carries a fine and some may result in points being deducted from your license.

Highlights of the Act

Key changes in the act you need to be aware of.

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