The Television Department is a major pillar of the agency’s mechanism to execute its core mandate of providing adequate and professional coverage of more than two hundred Government ministries, departments and agencies. Staffed by a group of highly skilled, experienced and award-winning technical personnel, TV carries out a range of functions in line with the department’s strategic objectives. These include the production of features on Government’s programmes and policies, and the daily production of the JIS flagship news and current affairs programme

Jamaica Magazine.

This thirty-minute programme is prepared daily and disseminated to all commercial free-to-air television stations and several subscriber or cable stations. The TV Department also plans and executes coverage of national events, providing live broadcasts of the annual National Honours & Awards Ceremony and Inauguration Ceremonies of Governors General and Prime Ministers. In addition to the provision of coverage, the TV Department manages and maintains an audio visual library containing thousands of hours of video footage archived for posterity, which facilitates requests for footage and features at a cost. There is also a keen focus on customer service, as the Department pursues income-generating projects with the main aim of providing first class, first world production services, features, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials and public service announcements to public and private sector clients. In keeping with the JIS’ corporate responsibility objectives, the TV Department also participates in community and school activities to provide national, heritage and cultural information, while promoting the JIS brand.

TV Programmes:

  • Jamaica Magazine – This thirty-minute news and current affairs programme is broadcast daily on all television stations. The show is made up of a series of five-minute features aired on set days. The features are as follows:
    • Healthwise
    • Community Beat
    • Being Centsible
    • School Zone
    • Tech IT
    • Sports Spotlight
    • Tourism Round-Up
    • Securing the Rock
    • Justice Matters
    • Everybody’s Business
  • Issues & Answers – Hosted by the award winning and highly acclaimed Ian Boyne, this weekly 15-minute interview programme puts public officials in the hot seat and gets answers to important national issues

TV Services:

The Department provides the following audio visual production services:

  • Production coordination/consultation – including planning and executing all pre and post-production activities
  • Script writing
  • Videotaping – including multi-camera video shoots
  • Post-production services – including video editing and graphics
  • Talent services – including voicing and narration
  • Technical services – including Public Address system, Town Crier/Wayside announcements, Projector & Screen


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