25 Days of Christmas

Jamaica is reputed to produce the finest quality ginger in the world.  It is used mainly to flavour puddings, cakes, sweets, the sorrel drink, and to make tea and ginger beer.

Ginger Beer is a favourite drink at Christmas time.  Here is a recipe for you to try this Christmas Season.



½ lb ginger

2 lbs sugar

1 oz yeast

½ oz cream of tartar

6 qrts water

1 lime, sliced thinly


  • Put water to boil
  • Grate ginger and lime slices and put in large bowl
  • Add lime slices and cream of tartar
  • Pour water over ginger and lime slices
  • Leave to cool until lukewarm
  • Mix yeast with a teaspoon of sugar
  • Add ½ cup lukewarm water and make a ginger paste
  • Add yeast mixture to lukewarm ginger mixture
  • Stir, cover and put away for 2 days
  • Skim strain and sweeten
  • Chill and serve

Makes 6 quarts

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