25 Days of Christmas

In Jamaica, seasonal flowers, such as the bright red poinsettia, are used as Christmas decorations. The flower is associated with good cheer, success, and celebration, making it an appropriate staple for the Christmas season.

The popular flower, along with other winter blooms are made into wreaths, which are generally used as decorations in the form of wall hangings or centerpieces.

Christmas wreaths, as well as bouquets made with poinsettias as their focal pieces, are also given as gifts to family and friends.

The Poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima)

In Jamaica the sight of poinsettias is an indication that it is the Christmas season. With origins in Mexico and the United States, today, several varieties of the plant exist, including colours in pink, cream, and orange; the red colour however continues to be the most popular, and they are primarily used as gifts in Jamaica.

 Cupressus (C. lusitanica).

Throughout the years the decoration of Christmas trees has become popular. The most common variety is widely grown is the Cupressus (C. lusitanica).

It is similar to Christmas trees that can be found elsewhere. It is commonly grown in cooler areas of the island especially the Blue Mountains Blue Mountains, as well as other areas in upper St. Andrew, Trelawny, St. Elizabeth, and St. James.

Pine Cones

Pine Cones are often used as decoration at Christmas time all over the world including Jamaica. Locally, pine cones are usually harvested from the Caribbean Pine tree (Pinus caribaea). The trees can be found all across Jamaica and, in favourable conditions, can grow to more than 30 feet in 18 years. On average each Pine cone has the ability to produce at least 50 seeds.

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