The honour of the Order of Excellence (OE) is ranked equally, in the order of precedence, with the honour of the Order of the Nation and may be conferred upon any foreign Head of State or foreign Head of Government, and upon any foreign former Head of State or foreign former Head of Government. A member of the Order is styled “The Most Honourable” and the motto of the Order is “Excellence through Service”.

The Insignia
The insignia of the Order of Excellence is a twelve-pointed breast star in yellow gold, interspersed with representations of pineapples in white gold. In the centre is the Coat of Arms of Jamaica in yellow gold, superimposed on a red enamelled background and surrounded by the motto of the Order, “Excellence through Service”, in gold letters on royal blue enamel. It is worn with a yellow shoulder sash edged with a narrow band of green and black in equal proportions.

Members of the Order of Excellence
His Excellency Mbeki Thabo – President of the Republic of South Africa
Conferred July 1, 2003

King Juan Carlos of Spain
Conferred during Royal Visit – February 2009


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