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Order of Distinction


The honour of the Order may be conferred upon any citizen of Jamaica who renders outstanding and important services to Jamaica and upon any distinguished citizen of a country other than Jamaica (an honorary member). The motto of the Order is “Distinction through Service”.

The Insignia

The insignia of the Order of Distinction (Commander) is a triangular badge with curved sides. In the centre is a black medallion bearing the Arms of Jamaica in gold. the words of the motto of the Order are in black. The Badge is suspended from a silk collar riband of black, gold and green by a silver finial of two intertwined letters “J” attached to the uppermost point of the triangle.

The insignia of the Order of Distinction (Officer) is suspended from a breast riband of similar colours without the finial. The triangular silver badge has in the centre a yellow enamelled square on which are placed the Arms of Jamaica in silver.

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