25 Days of Christmas

The Christmas breeze, carols, the blooming poinsettia, gungo peas, Christmas cake, sorrel, increase in commercial activities, the re-painting of houses, Christmas trees and lights … all indicate that Christmas is near.

In Jamaica, as in many countries, Christmas is a sacred observance as well as a cultural and commercial phenomenon. Since the 17th century Christmas celebrations have been a staple item on the nation’s calendar, and a range of traditions have been cemented to the season to make it distinctly Jamaican.

Throughout the month of December, the JIS will be presenting “25 Days of Christmas” to showcase many of the local traditions and the significance of season.

Follow us this month as we explore the flora and fauna, the foods, music, dance and people who make Christmas in Jamaica.  You are invited to share your favourite Christmas traditions – past and present – as we take the walk down Christmas Lane this year.

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