25 Days of Christmas

The National Pantomime has been in existence since 1941, having premiered on Boxing Day (December 26) at the Ward Theatre. The Pantomime usually opens from Boxing Day through to May of the following year.

This annual production is a colourful display of the customs and trends of the Jamaican society; a display that is always pleasing to the audience.

Families and friends usually look forward to attending the National Pantomime during the Christmas holidays.

The late Hon. Louise ‘Miss Lou’ Bennett, OM and Ranny ‘Maas Ran’ Williams, CD are among the earliest stars of the Pantomime.   And, many other theatrical giants have emerged over the 75 years of the National Pantomime’s existence to include the well-loved actors like Charles Hyatt, Volier Johnson, Oliver Samuels, etc.

Over the last two decades, the annual Pantomime has been penned by the Hon. Barbara Gloudon, OJ.

This year’s is entitled “The Upsies and Downzies” and will open the 26th December, as usual, at the Little Theatre at 4 Tom Redcam Drive.  Starting time is at 6pm.

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