Management Institute For National Development (MIND)

The Management Institute for National Development (MIND) is the Government of Jamaica’s pre-eminent and preferred public service leadership development and management training institute in Jamaica, serving the Caribbean. The role of MIND is crucial to the transformation of the public service in Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

The MIND Mission is to provide public servants with quality training and leadership development options, supporting services and outreach which sustain a culture of enterprise, efficiency and responsiveness to the publics they serve.

MIND offers an exclusive focus on programmes, supporting services and outreach that are strategically developed to respond effectively to enhancing the professionalism and performance quality of public sector professionals; and transform the public sector into one “which puts the public’s interest first, and in which valued and respected professionals deliver high quality services efficiently and effectively.”

MIND encourages collaborations and partnerships with local, regional and international learning organizations and donor agencies, to strengthen its capacity to provide a coordinated and integrated approach to deliver first class management training and leadership development to public service professionals. MIND Consultancy also responds to the call from public sector organizations, to provide a dynamic range of professional expertise and organizational development services.

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