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Government Electrical Regulator (GER)

The Electricity Act 2015 established the Government Electrical Regulator as a Department of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology which inter alia replaces the Board of Examiners and will regulate the electrical (Works) industry, including the regulation of Registered Electricians, Licensed Electrical Inspectors and Technical Electrical Assistants.  Essentially, the Electricity Act, 2015 repealed the Electric Lighting Act, 1890 making provisions for The GER to perform the following seven (7) core functions:

  1. Manage curriculum and training materials for electricians and Inspectors
  2. Manage examinations
  3. Register electricians, enroll technical electrical assistants (TEA’s)
  4. Make recommendations to the Minister for suitable qualified persons to be licensed as electrical inspectors
  5. Facilitate inspections and investigations
  6. Manage compliance
  7. Monitor, evaluate and report

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