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The residents of North West Clarendon should see an improvement in their water supply soon, as their Member of Parliament, Michael Stern, has allocated some $5 million of his Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to rehabilitate the water system.
Giving details at a public meeting at Thompson Town High School on June 12, Mr. Stern said too much water passes through the constituency, for residents to suffer the inconvenience of an inadequate water supply, simply because proper systems are not in place to effectively harness and distribute the commodity.
“I know that water is one of your chief concerns in this area, but don’t worry, we are going to take care of that,” the Member of Parliament assured.
Pipelines which have become faulty due to degeneration over the years, will be replaced in several areas, including Union, Jericho, Dykes Hill, Coffee Piece, Lodgie Green, and sections of Fearon.
Largescale construction of public catchment tanks is also being undertaken across the constituency, in an attempt to provide a reliable source from which several districts would benefit. One will be built in Victoria, from which water will be taken to Bloomwell and Sunberry. The community of Dykes Hill will be the site of a similar structure, which will serve the areas of Logwood and Minor. This will complement the systems which currently operate in Copperwood, Murray, Leicesterfield, and Coffee Piece.
Even as additional tanks are being constructed, remedial work will be done on existing ones which have fallen into disrepair over time.
Repair work is slated to begin on the Big Gate Tank and the Mt. Airy catchment facility within the next few months, while the catchment tank at Cumberland will be expanded to serve for more areas. Fencing around the Cumberland facility will also be redone, and a major upgrade of the Patterson Spring is slated to begin soon.
In addition to the work to be financed from the CDF, Mr. Stern informed JIS News that additional funds will be obtained through a special European Union (EU) Project. This, he said, would be used to rehabilitate the water system in Peckham, Wisbeach, Fearon, and Corn Hill.
The Constituency Development Fund is an allocation to all Members of Parliament, which is to be used to fund community projects.
These funds will be disbursed on a quarterly basis, after consultations have taken place with constituents, and projects have been approved by the Government’s monitoring agency.

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