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As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf in Knockpatrick, Manchester, hosted an Open Day on June 12.
The institution exhibited craft items, embroidery, toys, and clothing made by the students.
Managing Director of the centre, Donville Jones described the items on display as gifts that should be treasured.
“We are looking at fruits of learning which are evidence of God’s gift to the deaf community. We started 50 years ago with 6 students on a verandah teaching a few subjects, and today we are providing quality education and vocational qualifications for our deaf students. As we embrace the future, we will be placing more emphasis on entrepreneurship, where our students will play a crucial role,” Mr. Jones said.
Guest speaker at the Open Day, Sheldon Burkett, who is a student at an American College, told the gathering that while he was a student at the centre, he wasted much of his time. He encouraged the students to make use of their time at the institution.
“Reading is very important for all of us. While I was a student here, I hated reading. I felt that I could get by without being able to read until I applied for my driver’s licence, and they gave me things to read. Never follow my example, because I cried many times when I look back on the time that I could have improved my reading,” Mr. Burkett said.
The school has two other campuses in Kingston and Montego Bay. It offers general subjects, language, craft, information technology, food and home management, and sewing.
The school will end its 50th anniversary celebrations in November with a concert at its Knockpatrick campus.

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