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Several organizations and individuals in St. Mary were presented with awards for their performances in the 2008 Performing Arts Festival, at a function sponsored by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), at the Anglican Church Hall in Port Maria on June 11.
Dubbed an Evening of Excellence by its organizers, the function showcased all the parish’s gold winning performers in the festival and provided an opportunity for their performances to be seen by persons who were not able to witness them before.
The awards were made on the basis of the amount of medals won by the performers during the festival, with gold earning four points, silver gaining three points, and bronze producing two points.
The performers awarded at the function were those receiving the highest number of points as a result of the calculations. The categories for which the awards were presented were: music, speech, dance, drama, and traditional folk forms.
St. Mary Technical High School received an award for music; Marymount High School for speech; Iona High School for drama; the St. Mary Dream Dancers for dance, and Retreat Primary and Junior High School for traditional folk forms.
In addition, three teachers, Bruce Wedderburn of St. Mary Technical High School, and Ilena Williams and Anita Bailey of Marymount High School were presented with the Most Outstanding Teacher Awards for their role in preparing students for their participation in music and speech, respectively, in this year’s festival competition.
Denise Morrison, Cultural Organizer for St. Mary told JIS News that the JCDC was pleased to be able to host the function and expressed appreciation to the people of the parish for supporting the event.
Praising the awardees for their outstanding performances during the competition, she expressed confidence that the high standards they have established, would be maintained by performers during next year’s competition.

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