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The National Works Agency (NWA) is reporting that the passage of Tropical Storm Laura overnight have impacted roadways and road infrastructure in several parishes across the island. Based on early assessments, this is mainly in the form of flooding, landslides, heavy siltation and fallen trees.

According to NWA Communications Manager, Stephen Shaw, so far there have been reports of such events in the parishes of Kingtson, St. Andrew, Clarendon, St. Thomas, St. Catherine, Westmoreland, Trelawny and Hanover. He says landslides have been cleared along a number of roadways allowing for single lane traffic.

However, some critical roads remain impassable at this time including sections of the Guava Ridge to Cooperidge, Halls Delight and Papine to Bull Bay main roads in St. Andrew. The Papine to Bull Bay main road is blocked by a massive landslide at Bito.

Motorists are also currently unable to access the Morant Bay to Cedar Valley roadway in St. Thomas at Font Hill as the detour road at the location has been washed out by flood waters while movement is restricted from Windsor Forest to Easington due to landslides.

Other roadways that remain impassable at this time include the Redgate to Washfoot Gully roadway in St. Elizabeth, which is impacted by several landslides and the roadway from Wait-A-Bit to Llorimers Trelawny which is blocked by a fallen light pole.

Teams from the NWA are still in the field across all affected parishes conducting the necessary flood damage assessments and undertaking clearing and sweeping activities in a bid to safely re-open roadways.

The NWA is discouraging motorists from attempting to use flooded roadways and bridges.

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