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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda, has said that some 300 permanent jobs will be created for residents of Hanover through the opening of Sandy Bay Sweets in June 2010.
The Minister, who opened the 2010/11 Sectoral Debate in Gordon House on May 11, said that the confectionery manufacturing facility, which will be sited at the old Jockey factory in Sandy Bay, will provide capital investment to the economy of approximately US$1.2 million.
“Sandy Bay Sweets is a premier manufacturer of specialty foods products, and will manufacture cookie and hard candy to be sold under the ‘Just Delicious’ brand, a product line which was previously made in China,” he informed.
The products, which have been featured on lifestyle media such as the ‘Food Network’ and ‘Better Homes and Gardens’, will be supplied to large American retail entities such as TJ Maxx and Costco.
“This is a sweet deal not just for the people of Sandy Bay but also for local manufacturers of flour, pallets and corrugated boxes, as well as transportation and concessionaire services,” Minister Samuda said.
He noted that the investment will also require the services of custom brokers, freight forwarders, payroll and administrative personnel, among others.
He told the House that the JAMPRO team is working actively to create these linkages on the ground to ensure that the investors “make sweet returns on their investment”.
Sandy Bay Sweets is a part of the American-based Madrona Speciality Foods Group.