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The Waterloo Road Bridge in St. Andrew, constructed at a cost of US$5.5 million under the Government of Jamaica/R.A Murray Priority Bridge Programme, was officially opened today (May 15).
Completed earlier this month, the project included the widening of the roadway to accommodate four lanes of traffic.
“This is one of four bridges that I have opened in the last few days”, said Transport and Works Minister, Hon. Mike Henry. On Friday, he opened the Fairfield Bridge in St. James and the Queen’s River Bridge in Hanover.
In his remarks, Member of Parliament for North East St. Andrew, Delroy Chuck, noted that residents were pleased with the work done on the bridge and to improve the roadway.

A section of the four-lane Waterloo Road Bridge, which was officially opened today (May 15) by Minister of Transport and Works, Hon. Mike Henry.

“The residents are extremely grateful for this work and I can tell that even people, who use the road here on to West King’s House road, they are extremely appreciative of what has been done,” he stated.
“What is most important is that when we have flooding during a hurricane season, we don’t have to worry now about using this bridge because it has been raised sufficiently that water will pass underneath and traffic can flow beautifully,” Mr. Chuck said.
Chief Executive Officer of the National Works Agency (NWA), Patrick Wong, told JIS News that the required signage, including speed limit signs, will be in place by Wednesday, May 19. Medians will also be painted.
The NWA, in May 2009, commenced construction of the new bridge to replace the flood-prone low-lying bypass and to widen the roadway to alleviate traffic problems in the area. Phase one of the project was completed in August 2009, with the opening of the first two lanes.
On another matter, Mr. Henry informed that deaths from road accidents were down so far this year.
“We might make the below 300 target, but one doesn’t want to speak too quickly because I also find that as you repair roads, people speed through them and drive dangerously,” Mr. Henry said.
Meanwhile, work on the four-lane Harbour View Bridge in Kingston will start on July 1, 2010.

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