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Volunteers will gather at the Newell High School, in St. Elizabeth, on Labour Day (May 24), to continue constructing a new classroom, as this has been selected as the parish’s national project by the Labour Day Secretariat.
Work has already started on the facility, which will accommodate the welding department of the school. “We will be attempting to put a roof on it, so that it can be ready for the new school year. It will be utilised for one of the technical areas, and we appreciate the selection of this project as a national project,” saidConstruction Instructor at the school, Gary Smith, in an interview with JIS News.
Making an appeal for persons to support the project on Labour Day, student, Sasha-Gay Thomas, said it will go a far way to create needed space. “As students, we will be here to help with the project. We would also like the community’s support, so that we can move in soon,” she said.
At Holland Bamboo, a major tourist attraction in St. Elizabeth, residents in the area will be erecting a sign to the Holland Village, as their Labour Day project. “It is a good thing for visitors to be aware that a community exists beyond the Bamboo. We will also be painting the bus stop across the road,” Councillor for the Lacovia Division, George Powell, informed.
In Manchester, the 3D Centre for mentally challenged children, which is located in Knockpatrick, is the national Labour Day project for the parish. The main dormitory for the girls will be expanded, while other sections will be painted.
Meanwhile, the Clarendon Labour Day project is the Windsor School of Special Education, located at the Denbigh showground. Repairs will be done to the roof of the institution, and other sections will receive a face-lift.
This year’s Labour Day will be celebrated under the theme: ‘Our children… Show them we care’.

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