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The National Secondary Students’ Council (NSSC) would like to wish all students and stakeholders a prosperous and productive year. Notwithstanding the challenges faced last term, it is paramount that, as students, we reflect on the previous term and seek ways to improve our educational practices.

We commend the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI) for their efforts made thus far in ensuring every student receives an education, particularly the plans to implement the Mobile Student Support Initiative inclusive of extra classes as well as the Learning Kit Challenger and Learning Kit Motivator. We recommend that current and past students, versed within a particular subject area, be engaged in assisting with the learning needs of the students taking advantage of this initiative. These, we believe, are crucial in the remedial intervention efforts of ensuring that no child is left behind.

With 129 schools confirmed for a physical reopening, we urge the student population to be vigilant and responsible during their interactions; paying keen attention to the observation of all protocols.
The following are key areas that we advise students to observe:

· Sanitize all personal belongings (i.e. before and upon return from school)

· Sanitize desks and seating areas, before use

· Take and utilize only personal school supplies and refreshments

· Ensure to travel with sanitizer, soap and disposable hand towels

· No loitering after school. Head straight home

· Ensure to wear a mask and to maintain social distancing when utilizing public transport

We call on the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information as well as the Ministry of Health and Wellness to continue to proceed with the utmost caution regarding the reopening pilot program, particularly within the three boarding schools to be reopened, as the safety of students is to be prioritized. We also urge the MoEYI to publish a student-friendly version of the official protocols to be observed utilizing audiovisuals, paying special attention to tips and best practices when utilizing public transportation.

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