JIS News

Students and faculty of the prestigious Duke University in Washington will on Monday (Oct. 23) view the exhibition of Jamaican art form titled ‘New Possessions,’ which is on display at the Museum of the Organization of American States (OAS) in the American capital. The exhibition, which was opened in August to commemorate Jamaica’s 44th year of independence, is one of the largest displays of contemporary Jamaican art, comprising 44 pieces by 15 artists of Jamaican heritage residing in the United States (US). Ambassador to the US, Professor Gordon Shirley, informed that “Duke University has programmes that focus on Caribbean studies, hence they have seized on the opportunity of the exhibition to introduce a fairly large number of students to one of the dominant cultures in the Caribbean, Jamaica.”
He noted that the students, who were from the university’s Centre of Latin America and Caribbean Studies, were intrigued by the impact of the multi-cultural environment in the US on the Jamaican artistic tradition.
Professor Shirley, who will address the students, said he would use the opportunity to introduce them to Jamaica’s heritage and culture.
The exhibition, which has been enjoying great reviews from various art critics and the general public, will close on Sunday, October 29.
Meanwhile, the Ambassador informed that the Jamaica Information Service has put together an exhibition on Jamaica’s seven national heroes, which will be on display at the museum this month, to commemorate October as National Heroes Month.