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President of the Atlanta Jamaican Association (AJA) Allan Alberga, said that the organization would be seeking to create a centre for Jamaican culture, which would provide information and counselling services to its members and the wider Jamaican community.
The centre, he said, which would double as the association’s headquarters, would also assist Jamaicans in the pursuit of their educational goals, inform members of job opportunities, provide housing information for Jamaicans entering Atlanta and to keep abreast of political, social and economic developments in Jamaica.
Mr. Alberga, who was recently re-elected president of AJA for an unprecedented third consecutive term, said that the new executive would also be looking to strengthen ties with the City of Atlanta and to foster unity within the Jamaican community in the Atlanta area.
He noted also that there was urgent need to energize the Jamaican community in Atlanta and to attract more members to the 29 year-old Jamaican association.
Mr. Alberga pointed out that the AJA was the oldest Jamaican organization in Atlanta and would be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year, and a number of activities would be planned to celebrate this milestone achievement.
The other members of the executive, which were elected recently in Georgia are: Trevor Smith, Vice President; Sylvia Ricketts, Secretary; Hope McDonald, Assistant Secretary; and Joy Boothe, Treasurer.

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