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The government and the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF) Association yesterday (Oct.19) signed the 2006/08 heads of agreement, which will provide a 25.5 per cent increase in wages for rank and file members of the ISCF for the two-year period.
The agreement, which was signed at the National Heroes Circle offices of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, will see the ISCF members receiving a 19 per cent increase in wages for year one and 6.5 per cent in year two.
Other benefits include a more than 75 per cent increase in instructor allowance, while the driving, technical and plain clothes allowances have also been raised.
The ISCF members will also benefit from meal and subsistence allowances and special provisions for education and housing.
According to State Minister for Finance and Planning Fitz Jackson, “the police force represents the one group in the public service that we have an obligation to provide housing accommodation and hence there is a provision of housing allowance.”
As for the education allowance, he explained that, “we have provided some benefits that will allow for scholarships to be provided for members of the ISCF to pursue tertiary level education.” He added that the government would also provide scholarships for children of the ISCF members.
Special Sergeant Christopher Bowen, Chairman of the ISCF Association, said he was pleased with the cordial manner of the negotiations between the government and the ISCF.
“We had our concerns and they were addressed. There was frankness on both sides and we note that there are some things that we are really not quite satisfied about, but in negotiations, there must be some giving and taking,” said Sergeant Bowen.

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