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Steps are being taken by the St. Thomas Parish Council to make shopping and the passage of vehicular traffic through the town easier, during the Christmas period.
Mayor of Morant Bay, Councilor Hanif Brown, told JIS News that the Council is hoping for a relatively crime-free Christmas. The Council will be holding a special meeting on Monday (December 20) to fine-tune some vending issues.
“We’re trying to make additional space for temporary parking, between now and the fourth of January,” he said
The Mayor also pointed out that efforts have also begun to put a brighter face on the parish’s towns, a project he said he would personally push, because it holds long term benefits for the parish and its people. He noted, however, that the effort should not come from the Council alone, as it benefits everyone.
“I believe we must all have an interest in the town; it is our town,” he noted.
Mayor Brown told JIS News that the effort was not based solely in the capital, Morant Bay, as activities were being carried out in other towns, as well.
“There is a lot of work taking place out there, on the parochial roads, and other places where the Parish Council has jurisdiction and responsibilities,” he told JIS News.
On Monday (December 20), the Council will also fete some 700 adults and children, handing out food, gift baskets and toys, through the Mayor’s annual Christmas Fund. The Mayor will also travel to the Rudolph Elder Park, to officially light the town’s Christmas tree at an official ceremony at the Park in Morant Bay on Monday.

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