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The Old Harbour Development Area Committee (OHDAC) is partnering with the St. Catherine Health Department to upgrade the town’s health centre, including finding a new location for the facility.
Chairman of the group, Randy Finnikin, told JIS News they will be lobbying various interests for funding to repair the Health Centre, and to actively work for a new health complex.
“The Old Harbour Development Area Committee and other stakeholders have, over the last three months, re-established the Friends of the Old Harbour Health Centre, not just as a lobby group to make noise about what is not happening, but to work with the St. Catherine Health Department to focus on what needs to be done at the facility,” he said.
Commenting on the organization’s recent activities, including joining the Ministry of Education, the Social Development Commission (SDC) and, with support from the Jamaica Information Service (JIS), staging a parenting forum, an appreciation dinner for volunteers, who support their work, and a Expo at the Old Harbour campus of the Portmore Community College, under the theme, “Empowering Citizens to Utilize Available Resources”, he said these were geared at aiding persons to take charge of resources in the area.
“This year, we thought that we needed a recession buster, so the Expo could focus on the utilization of local resources, so that persons can make use of what they have, ‘tun dem han’ mek fashion’, and establish income generation activities from the little things that we have around us,” he said.
Principal of Portmore Community College, Karen Hewitt-Kennedy, told JIS News that, over the past four years, they have allowed OHDAC to stage the Expo on the Campus, as one the college’s mandates is to become involved in community activities.
“It is a marvelous opportunity for them to see what we do, and for us to see what the do,” she said.

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