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The need to incorporate locally based community organizations in the national development process, has resulted in the establishment of Parish Development Committees (PDCs) across Jamaica.
The Portland Parish Development Committee (PPDC), is one of 14 such committees, its main objective being to bring members of civic society into the decision making process.
Its stakeholders being community groups, service groups and the business sector, it also aims to bring on board deep rural communities which are mostly not involved in the development and welfare planning processes.
PPDC Chairman for Portland, Linette Wilks, told JIS News that the Committee brings together diverse groups of stakeholders, to discuss issues affecting their communities or the parish, and to work collectively in solving the challenges.
The PPDC has been in existence for the past 10 years, but its potential was not fully realized, due to a lack of adequate funding. Without adequate financial support, it was unable to effect projects. The need to implement its own financial sustainability plan, and the increased demand for services in the field of information technology, made the idea of an Information Centre a viable option.
With funding from the Universal Access Fund (UAF) and the business sector, to the tune of approximately $1.25 million, the Portland Information Centre and Internet Caf

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