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The first set of municipal police for St. Elizabeth were sworn in on December 11 to take up duties in the main commercial centres and bus parks in the parish.
At the installation ceremony for the nine officers held in the chambers of the St. Elizabeth Parish Council, Secretary Manager, David Gardener, informed that they will patrol assigned areas to observe civil activities and ensure compliance with municipal laws and regulations.
“They will assist with administrating the Health Authority acts, solid waste management, traffic offences, and ensure that operators of places of amusement and other businesses are complying with the relevant public health regulations and other local government-related regulations. It is our hope that with full co-operation, they will be effective servants of the people,” Mr. Gardener stated.
Meanwhile, Mayor of Black River, Councillor Jeremy Palmer, urged the new municipal police to carry out their job effectively.
“A lot hangs on your work,” he told them, noting that “this Council is depending on you ..so that we can effectively serve the parish.”
“I must warn you that while there should not be any compromise or favour in doing your work, the communication of bad words, or speaking down to people, won’t be accepted. Speak in the manner that you are trained to speak, that your education and certificate say you should speak,” he told them.

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