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Teachers at the Victoria Town Primary School in Manchester were on Thursday (Dec. 11) feted by the school’s administration for exemplary work during the current school term.
At a function held at the Chinese International Restaurant in Mandeville, the teachers were presented with gifts while receiving words of commendation.
Principal of the institution, Paul Grant, in his remarks at the function, noted that the hard work and dedication of the teachers have brought tangible improvements to the output of students.
“This is the third year that we have brought our teachers together in this fashion, and it’s a way of getting everyone together. Importantly though, when our teachers have worked hard, and go beyond the call of duty to (improve) the literacy rate, and place it in the top 20 most improved schools in Region 5, we have to show appreciation to them and my heartiest thanks to them for their continued success in the various fundraising ventures that they have undertaken,” Mr. Grant said.
In his address, President of the Central Chapter of the Press of Jamaica (PAJ), Glendon Barker, encouraged the teachers to “fan the flames of positive values and optimism in your community,” noting that they are in a position to “bring about change in attitudes and to mould minds to be change makers.”

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