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Fire Prevention Officer attached to the May Pen Fire Department, Sergeant Rayon Davis, is imploring motorists to take care on the roads during the Christmas season.
In a recent interview with JIS News, Sergeant Davis pointed out that the increased intake of alcohol during the festive period impairs the ability of motorists to think rationally, and to be alert, which often causes fatal accidents. He advised that in the event that persons are going to be drinking heavily, a driver who will consume little or no alcohol should be designated to take the wheel.
“People consume a lot of alcohol and they drive at excessive speeds to attend various parties throughout the nights. Designate a driver that will take you to your destination safely, who will not possibly consume any alcohol. Practice defensive driving, drive safely, stay within the speed limit, and in all your endeavours, practice safety. Safety is first and safety is the best,” he stated.
Sergeant Davis further encouraged persons to avoid the impulse of driving while overly exhausted, as this too, often results in fatalities.
“Sometimes, we like to drive in the early hours of the morning and this is the time when we are extremely tired and we may fall asleep. So I advise, stay put, stay where you are and if you need to, go and catch a five minutes sleep and then move again,” he urged.
He further advised partying parents, who stay out late at nights, not to leave children unattended, but to ensure that they are carefully monitored by a responsible adult.

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