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Some four communities located in the “bread basket” parish of St. Elizabeth have been affected by rising waters as a result of rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.
Parish Disaster Coordinator for St. Elizabeth, Yvonne Morrison told JIS News that persons living in communities in which there are large bodies of water should not fish or swim in these areas.
“Too often we find that persons will venture out after heavy rains and get themselves into trouble by attempting to play around in the water and the next thing you know is that there is an incident of drowning,” she said.
Ms. Morrison stated that she was making special reference to the communities of Great Bay, Calabash Bay, New Market and New River.
“Currently there are some 45 families affected by rising waters in the Treasure Beach area, our Ministry team went down on Friday to deliver relief supplies and on Monday they will be returning to the area.most of the individuals are in fact now staying with family and friends. One cannot drive in one has to use a boat to get around Great Bay and Calabash Bay because of the overflowing of the Great Pond,” she said.
The Parish Coordinator also spoke on the situation that exists in the New River Community.
“Reports seem to indicate that we have maybe about eight families that have been affected, I will be going in along with some other persons from the local Parish Council to make an assessment by Monday. Right now I think it is best to travel in a four-wheel drive unit so as to traverse the by-pass road which received serious damage as a result of the rains,” she cautioned.
Miss Morrison explained that in New Market a close watch was being kept on the waters of the Two Sisters Pond.
“Our experience shows that once the water start to rise in St. Elizabeth it sometimes take as much as three months for everything to return to normality,” she said.

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