Mr. Speaker, I am grateful for the opportunity to address this Honourable House, once again, on the nation’s flagship Overseas Employment Programme, in particular, the pre-selection exercise planned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security for the Canadian Farm Work Programme to be held between August 10 -28, 2015.



I propose to execute my address this afternoon, Mr. Speaker, within the context of the new thrust of the Ministry as was enunciated by me in my Sectoral Presentation in April of this year.


You will recall, Mr. Speaker, that I said then, going forward, it will not be prudent to view the Ministry of Labour and Social Security under my policy leadership solely as the “Farm Worker Ministry” on account of our on-going sterling effort to put labour market intelligence – driven by data, evidence, and strategic thinking – at the centre of our endeavours to place our human resource of varying skills-set at the cutting edge of prevailing global employment opportunities.


As I speak, Mr. Speaker, such overseas employment opportunities beckon to us in non-traditional farming areas of North America and Canada, and my team and I within the Ministry are seriously assessing our options with a view to entering into protracted negotiations with existing and new employers for the further growth and expansion of the Programme.


So, against this background, Mr. Speaker, my purpose this afternoon is to respectfully advise the members of this Honourable House that beginning on August 10 of this year, recruiting teams from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security will be travelling to four (4) strategic locations throughout the island to conduct interviews of candidates selected from several parishes at one location. For example, Mr. Speaker, interviews for Mandeville, St. Elizabeth and Clarendon, will take place in Mandeville, and so on…READ MORE

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