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The Christmas edition of this month’s ‘Jamaica House Live’ call-in Programme scheduled for Wednesday, December 22 and hosted by Prime Minister Bruce Golding, will be dedicated to children between the ages of 10- 13 years old.
The Children, who have been drawn from a wide cross section of schools, will get the opportunity to speak with their Prime Minister and to express their views and concerns about issues of national importance.
The audience will also be made up of other child-guests who will be performing Carols and the theme song from a communication campaign developed as part of an effort at renewing the vision of national pride and patriotism.
‘Jamaica House Live’ on December 22, will air from 8:30pm to 10:00pm on Nationwide News Network, RJR 94 FM, Kool 97 FM, Irie FM, Bess FM, Love 101, Hot 102, Mello FM 88 and KLAS FM.
The call in lines for Jamaica House Live are: 960-7739; 960-9853; 968-2019. The toll free lines, courtesy of Freedom Wireless are: 1-888-991-7785 (local toll free) and overseas Toll Free- 1-888-JAPM; (5276) 121.
Listeners can also send their questions ahead of the programme to jamaicahouselive@gmail.com.

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