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Twenty of the nation’s top senior athletes will leave tomorrow, (October 19), to participate in the Seniors Regional Family Games at the Hasely Crawford Stadium in Trinidad and Tobago from October 21 to 22.
Executive Director of the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC), Beverley Hall-Taylor, told JIS News that initially there were plans to send 26 athletes, but due to financial constraints, the number was reduced by six.
However, the number increased, as some of the 30 seniors who had initially planned to accompany the team to provide support, opted to participate in the Games. The others who were selected were fortunate to receive sponsorship from various entities in their parishes.
Mrs. Hall-Taylor said that expectations were high for the team to do well. “Our chances are great because last year, we sent 13 persons and they came back with 28 medals. They entered the 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, relays, shot putt, discus and javelin and these are the events that we practise out here,” she informed.
“When we look at the times from the Secretariat in Trinidad and Tobago, our athletes achieved them at our national sports day on August 31. Some even went faster than the required times,” she added.
Among those scheduled to compete are: Former Olympian, Dr. Patrick Robinson; this year’s overall champion athlete, Jerry Reid, Jocelyn Spence, Enid McKenzie and Joyce Harriott.
The team will return to the island on October 23.

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