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The parish of St. Elizabeth held its annual Heroes Day Salute on Monday (Oct.16), with homage paid to 11 residents, who have given sterling service to the development of their communities.
At the event held at Independence Park in Black River, awards were presented to: Cynthia Samms, Dorothy Samuda, Gilbert Rodgers and Gwendolyn Gordon for contribution to education; Evrol Orr for philanthropy; Sergeant Angella Williams and Sergeant Joseph Caine for contribution to national security; Assistant Superintendent Keith Williams for work in the fire service; Delcie Huffstead for health and Perdie Newman and Samuel Shakespeare for community service.
Dean of teacher education at Northern Caribbean University, Dr. Teran Milford, who was the guest speaker at the ceremony, urged those in attendance to follow the examples set by the national heroes.
“We need to be like our national heroes and heroine. Each of us needs to be a symbol of excellence in our daily living. The country is now going through tough and difficult times economically, socially and politically, but despite all of this, Jamaica still stands proud and that is very important,” he said.
He noted that despite the challenges, Jamaicans could be proud of the country’s significant achievements to date. “We are no longer under the domination of a foreign country. We, by our actions, determine our own destiny and we have our own constitution, our own symbols and emblems, and our very own army, passport and in addition, our country is represented all across the globe as a nation. We have come a far way since the days of slavery,” Dr. Milford pointed out.
He reminded the audience however, that the freedom and independence that the country now enjoyed, came at the expense of others.
“It took the blood and sweat and tears of our forefathers to purchase our freedom.we are free because of our heritage, our inheritance, that which have been passed down from the previous generations. Our freedom was gotten at a great cost by our heroes,” he said.