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The Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) is encouraging senior citizens to request assistance to utilise the automated services and online platforms when banking.

Speaking at a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank, the agency’s Chief Executive Officer, Dolsie Allen, noted that the pandemic has resulted in financial institutions increasing the contactless services that they offer.

“The financial sector is moving online and I know for many persons this is not very comfortable, especially when you are not au fait with this technology, and we know it’s very difficult for the senior citizens especially, for banking,” she pointed out.

Mrs. Allen is advising seniors to seek the assistance of someone they can trust to help them navigate and adjust to the new cashless and contactless systems.

“We know when it comes to financial matters it is a very private affair and you don’t want everyone to know your business, but, at the same time, you have to ensure that you develop strategies as to how you are going to be getting by.

“We encourage [senior citizens] to find a trusted friend or relative to assist you so that you are more relaxed when you are conducting your transactions and you are not at a disadvantage by not being able to go into the bank as you are accustomed to,” she said.

The CAC CEO told the JIS that the entity has written to the Jamaica Bankers Association requesting information relating to the use of the automated teller machines.

“Persons have been encouraged to use these machines to conduct transactions that they would normally do in the bank. However, in some instances, there aren’t adequate machines to serve persons, so they still have to wait in long lines, especially in the rural areas. So we have written to the Bankers Association seeking information on the downtime, because we have heard in the media and also received complaints that from time to time,” she explained.

The CAC is the national agency responsible for consumer advocacy. For further information, persons can call 876-906-5425 or email

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