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The constituency of Eastern Westmoreland is a very special and unique constituency. It has provided leadership through leaders with different distinctive qualities. Some of whom are serving in several spheres of life including those that have served in this Honourable House. But while some only had one opportunity to serve in this House, others were given the opportunity to serve, and serve, and serve.

I want to publicly thank my constituents for the opportunity to serve as a three (3) term Member of Parliament. I want to also thank my Councilors, Constituency Committees, Constituency Secretary, Office Secretary, Staff at OPM, my Close Protection Officers (CPO’s) and colleagues here in this Honourable House of Parliament for their support. Importantly, I would like to thank my family for their helpfulness in various experiences and tolerance in numerous situations.

I must thank the Prime Minister for her confidence in my ability to serve as Minister of State in her Office.

Thank you too, Mr. Speaker, for your patience with those who, from time to time, make thoughtless outbursts, causing me to respond without your approval at times.

I am speaking, today, with mixed feelings but as a proud member of this Honourable House. Mixed feelings, Mr. Speaker, because both my uncles, who served in this Honourable House, are now deceased, the late Donald Barrington Buchanan and the late Noel Keith Monteith. But, I am proud Mr. Speaker, as I am comforted by the fact that both men served with distinction, one in the Upper House and the other in the Lower House.

I am also speaking today, cognizant of the people’s expectations of us, because at a time when Jamaica really needs a government of experience and competence, we were chosen as “that Government”. Under the leadership of the Most Hon. Prime Minister, Mrs. Portia Simpson Miller, we have silenced “nay sayers” on many fronts….Read More

Download Sectoral Debate 2013:Minister of State with Responsibility for Special Projects and Assignments in the Office of the Prime Minister, the Hon. Luther Buchanan

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