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Mr. Speaker, God is great and we acknowledge His purpose, we seek His guidance, and we thank Him for his mercies. Please permit me to acknowledge some persons in the Gallery who have paid me the honour to come here today to listen to my contribution to this Sectoral debate.

First is my wife Beverly to whom I am grateful for the love and support she has generously given me all these many years and to whom I owe everything of significance I have accomplished in my life. Although she has always been a working professional woman she nonetheless found the time to accomplish a fantastic job in the upbringing and development of our three children who now excel in their professional careers.

Our eldest daughter Nicole did her post graduate degree in Journalism at UC Berkeley, and was nominated for Regional Emmy this year for an interview she did with Maya Angelou for a San Francisco Television station KQED. Beverly also inspired our other two daughters to become a medical doctor and a juris doctor respectively. She is my inspiration and I thank her for that.

Then there are several members of my constituency who have journeyed the highways from Trelawny to give me support. The Mayor of Falmouth and Counselor for Falmouth Division His Worship Garth Wilkinson, the Councilors Phillip Service of the Martha Brae Division, Councilor Telka Holt of the Sherwood Division, my CDF Officer Ms Lorna Thorpe, workers at my office Janet, Moody, Christine, and others too numerous to mention but I must acknowledge coach Sweat Suit Wilson, some ladies from the Duanvale Netball Club.

All the good “Trelawnyites” who have travelled here are my friends in the difficult times of the general election campaign they sacrificed with me to the fullest, canvassing in the highways and hedges and gave me the privilege of representing North Trelawny in this Honorable House. When the real work of continuing the building of North Trelawny began they remained by my side and without their continued support and that of many others I would have been unable to effectively perform the difficult and complex task as Member of Parliament for that great constituency…READ MORE

Download Sectoral Debate 2013: Attorney General, the Hon. Patrick Atkinson, Q.C.

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