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Several road projects totalling $325 million have been approved and are at various stages of procurement for the Trelawny Northern constituency.

They include Rio Bueno to Jackson Town (the Brampton Leg), Salt Marsh to Kent; Deeside to Dromilly, Falmouth to Springvale (the Martha Brae Leg), Falmouth to Springvale (the Wakefield to Deeside Leg), and the Construction of a box culvert at the Perth Town Fording.

Member of Parliament for the area, Tova Hamilton, made the announcement during her recent contribution to the State of the Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives.

Providing further updates on other road projects in the constituency, she informed that through the National Housing Trust Scheme Upgrading Programme, rehabilitation of roads in the Vanzie Lands community was completed at a cost of approximately $38 million.

She said allocations have been made through the Constituency Development Fund and the Spruce Up Jamaica Programme for repairs to be undertaken to the Reserve main road and Pitt Street in Falmouth, respectively.

These works, which are expected to cost approximately $6.3 million, should start within another month.

Ms. Hamilton said further allocations have also been made to repair the Mountain Hill road through the farm road programme at a cost of approximately $6 million.

“This project is also quite advanced, as a contract has already been signed for works to begin,” she disclosed.

The Member of Parliament also informed that rehabilitation and patching exercises were also undertaken on sections of Wakefield, Bounty Hall, Kettering, Daniel Town, Granville, Holland, Parnassus, Perth Town, Garedu, and Martha Brae roads, the Georgia main road leading to Samuel Prospect and the Duncans main road.

“The more extensive works carried out in the communities of Bunkers Hill and Calabar left residents in awe. They recounted that the last time they were given any such attention was as far back as the 1980s,” she argued.

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