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The Forestry Department has added another offering to its products and services to the public.

In addition to its usual potted plants, the Department is now offering potted fruit trees from its Constant Spring offices.

Principal Director, Forest Operations, Jerome Smith, made the announcement at the Department’s National Tree Planting Day Ceremony held on October 1.

“We actually looked at the situation and we saw that one of the offerings that could do well now is that persons in urban spaces could benefit from a fruit tree in their urban space,” Mr. Smith said.

“These are fruit trees that you can put on your balcony and your front patio. These are fruit trees that take up minimal space, but still give you the offering of being in an environment where you have trees around and you can actually benefit from the spoils of those trees,” he added.

Since October 1, potted fig, June plum and mulberry plants have been available for purchase from the Forestry Department’s 173 Constant Spring Road office. The prices for the potted fruit trees, which are about to blossom, are $2,000 for the mulberry, $3,000 for the June plum and $5,000 for the fig.

Although potted fruit trees are currently only available in Kingston and St. Andrew while stocks last, the Forestry Department has plans to expand the offering soon.

The Forestry Department also offers seedlings, standing timber, pine cones and Christmas trees, geographic information systems (GIS) services along with permits and licences and the rental of palms and training facilities to entities who might be in need of them.

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