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More than 190,000lb of plastic have been removed from the waste stream through the expanded National Solid Waste Management Authority (NWSMA) Northern Belt Plastic Separation Programme, in St. Andrew.

“We started that programme in January 2020. So, we go from Beverley Hills in the east up to Smokey Vale in the north. We began with 16 communities, but based on participation we have expanded to over 30 communities,” the NSWMA’s Community Relations Manager, Kimberley Blair, told JIS News in a recent interview.

First, the NSWMA sensitises the communities on plastic separation and provides households with biodegradable garbage bags for their plastic waste. These bags are then collected every two weeks by MPM Waste Management Ltd.

Ms. Blair said that the NSWMA is impressed with the response it has received from communities in the programme, where residents hold the NSWMA to their collection schedule and often fill their bags before the collection period.

“We are very pleased with the plastic separation program, and we have expanded across all four regions and that is doing well. We are on a roll where that is concerned. We are hoping to get a dedicated truck by the end of the year, because the one we use now is sometimes sent elsewhere, so we are hoping to get a dedicated truck for plastics,” she added.

Ms. Blair also noted that Environmental Wardens from the Rae Town Plastic Separation Programme, in Central Kingston, sometimes assist with the Northern Belt Plastic Separation Programme.

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