JIS News

The ODPEM is advising the public that as a result of the difficulties experienced on the Portmore Causeway, the JUTC is trying to allocate as many buses as possible on the Portmore route.
In addition, in St. Elizabeth, the following roads are inundated:
Middle Quarters. The alternate route is Charley Galton corner to Craigy.
Luana to Black River Road, that is, below Black River hospital is inundated with water and is unsafe. The alternate route is Luana Road to Speculation to Black River.
Flagaman road is cut in two and is unsafe. Motorists are asked to avoid this area.
Flooding in Arlington and Vineyards. Motorists are advised to proceed with caution.
Calabash Bay and Great Bay Springs – water is rising from underground.
Bigwoods and Fullerswood to Park is flooded.
The ODPEM is advising the public to continue to take the necessary precautionary measures.

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