JIS News

The National Works Agency advised the ODPEM that they have succeeded in cutting a hole to let out the water from the Portmore Causeway and a pump is also being used. It is expected that by tomorrow, the water level should decrease.
The ODPEM is also reporting that there are approximately Two Hundred and Forty-One (241) persons in shelters in the parishes of St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. Thomas, and Kingston and St. Andrew. The breakdown is as follows: St. Catherine Rosemonth Junior High School – 25 Gwen Neal Basic School (Central Village)- 22 Old Harbour High School -11 Bushy Park Seventh Day Adventist Church – 35 Innswood High School -11
Clarendon Halse Hall Basic School -78 19 Chapleton Road (Private Residence)- 11 Church in Christ -1
Kingston and St. AndrewEdith Dalton James High School – 23
St. Thomas Yallahs Primary School – 24 TOTAL 241