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The National Works Agency (NWA) is spending approximately $32 million to repair 1.5 kilometres of roadway from Four Paths to Osbourne Store in Clarendon, which was extensively damaged from the flood rains associated with Hurricane Wilma.
“We expect that the motoring public is going to benefit greatly from this level of rehabilitation,” said Colin Morrison, Acting Communications Manager at the NWA.
He told JIS News that, “the road was badly damaged after Hurricane Wilma and we have gone ahead and lifted it to ensure that the kind of damage that took place will be minimized if we experience rainfall of that kind again. It is also the main road that leads to Mandeville and we are working assiduously to ensure that normality is restored in the shortest possible time.”
According to Mr. Morrison, the works, which commenced last October, involved lifting the road at an average height of about 0.6 metres, priming and asphalting, and conducting extensive drain cleaning.
Mr. Morrison mentioned further that the road, including the soft shoulders, would be widened to about 12 metres with the actual road area about eight metres wide.
The work is being carried out by C & T Construction Limited, S.G. Simpson Asphalting Company Limited and Sealand Electrical Sales and Supplies and should be completed by month-end.

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