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Jamaican egg farmers are taking steps to enter the liquefied egg trade, in light of the growing demand and the importation of the product by the hotel and baking industries.
Chairman of the Jamaica Egg Farmers Association (JEFA), Mark Campbell has said that the egg trade was big business, and needed all the support it could get to ensure its survival.
He added that many families directly and indirectly benefited from the sector, and the farmers were desirous of entering the liquefied egg trade to supply the local market.
Mr. Campbell was speaking recently at the handing over of an egg grading machine and a 40 foot reefer (container), to be used for the storing and cooling of eggs, to the Association, in Kitson Town, St. Catherine.
The Jamaica Business Recovery Programme (JBRP), which handed over the machine and container, has also provided funding of some US$15,600 for a consultant to assist JEFA with the development of a business plan for the liquid egg facility.
The JEFA plans to establish a liquid egg processing facility that will provide pasteurised eggs to the hospitality sector.
Mr. Campbell said consultation between the Ministry of Agriculture and the local egg industry was important before the Ministry granted permits for the importation of liquefied eggs, as this could have a crippling effect on the local egg industry.
“This is a multi-million dollar business that means a lot to many families across Jamaica, and we have the capacity and willingness to lift our standards,” he said.
The demand for liquefied eggs is being driven by a desire to increase food safety, and the convenience to users who save on labour through the purchase of eggs in liquid form.

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