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Prime Minister Patterson has approved, on the request of the NHT Board of Directors, a six-month amnesty of penalty on outstanding NHT contributions for the period January 16, 2006 to July 15, 2006.
During the period of the amnesty, delinquent contributors would be allowed to apply for a waiver of penalties on outstanding contributions for all years up to December 2004. However, those who apply for the waiver must meet three requirements. They will be required to submit all outstanding Returns at the time of the application, a proposal for payment of the outstanding contributions within a maximum of five years must be received within the amnesty period and they must be up-to-date with current contributions.
Delinquent contributors who meet the conditions and commence payments within the first three months of the amnesty period will have 100% of their penalty waived while those who meet the criteria in the last three months will benefit from a 50% relief of penalties.
Contributors who renege on their obligations for two consecutive months would lose the benefit of the amnesty.
The Cabinet has endorsed the approval to the contributors, noting that individuals and industries have suffered from devastating flood rains since 2001 that have resulted in reduced cash flows.
The NHT Act requires that employers make monthly payments to the NHT comprising two percent contributions from employees’ wages and the employers’ three percent contribution. Self-employed persons are also required to pay a monthly contribution of either three percent or two percent for domestic helpers and certain other categories of workers. A penalty charge of 20% per annum is charged to the contributions owed. The Act also allows the NHT to sue contributors for outstanding contributions.
Prime Minister Patterson is urging delinquent NHT contributors to use the opportunity provided by the amnesty to settle their accounts with the NHT.

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