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Minister of National Security Sen. the Hon Dwight Nelson has hailed the lifelong contributions of his predecessor, Colonel Trevor MacMillan, O.D., to the preservation of national security.

Senator Nelson who took over the challenging National Security portfolio from Colonel MacMillan in 2009, described him as a nationalist and a patriot who committed his life to preserving the safety and security of Jamaica as a sovereign state.

The Minister noted that after committing the earlier part of his life to an active career in the Jamaica defence force, Colonel MacMillan took on the monumental task of cleaning up the tax system as head of the Revenue Protection Division in the 1990’s.

“Colonel MacMillan was as energetic and dedicated as they came, inspiring his team to move decisively after tax cheats, making a name for himself in that area”,said Minister nelson.

The National Security Minister said Colonel MacMillan’s successes earned him the attention of the then government, the Public Services Commission and the people of Jamaica.

Minister Nelson said not surprisingly, Colonel MacMillan was appointed Commissioner of Police in 1994, making him the first officer from the Jamaica Defence Force to serve as a senior officer in the Jamaica Constabulary force – the two primary instruments of the national security operating apparatus.

Senator Nelson said even after his stint as the first non-career Commissioner of Police, Colonel MacMillan continued to make an impression in the field of national security with his well-known report on the issue of criminality in Jamaica in 2005, Roadmap to a Safe and Secure Jamaica.

“Colonel MacMillan capped his career when in 2008, he was appointed Minister of National Security and a Government Senator”,said Minister Nelson.

“There can be no doubt that he has made an imprint on the sands of time and Jamaica is the better for having him as a patriot son”.

Minister Nelson said Colonel MacMillan gave selflessly to Jamaica and its citizens, championing the cause of National Security and his contributions must never be forgotten.

Minister Nelson also offered words of comfort to the family, friends and loved ones of Colonel MacMillan.

"While we cannot ever replace his presence here on earth, let us keep the joyous memories of him alive stressed Sen. Nelson.

Reassuring that he empathises with them in their time of grief, Sen Nelson urged them to look to Almighty who is able to calm all storms. 

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